Transforming Decision Making into a Competitive Advantage

Team @ SSB

SSB Software Solutions’ Industry Experts consists of Industry Experts with several decades of Commercial Analysis and Decision-Making experience. Their experience has been gained from leading organisations including: corporate advisory experience and across a range of functions, including strategy, corporate development, finance, sales & marketing, and across a breadth of industries; ranging from organizations including:

General Electric
Kraft Foods

Their experience covers a very idea range of initiatives and opportunities undertaken by companies across functions, including: Strategy, Corporate Development, Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, and HR.

Therefore, it is not just decades of experience, but relevant experience across the type of opportunities which emanate across functions consistent with your business.

Technology Experts
SSB Software Solutions partners with leading technology development houses to incorporate the experience and insights of our Industry Experts into automated functionalities.

These technology partners are well experienced in working with international clients to install, manage, as well as provide on-going support. This includes providing more customized or specific organizational requirements.