Transforming Decision Making into a Competitive Advantage

A Decision Making Advantage

All commercial decisions relate to a revenue or cost impact, whether 1) pursuing new opportunities; 2) managing a previous or historic decision; or 3) deciding between alternative strategies or direction forward for an existing business.

These issues apply whether a company operates across single market or multiple markets, single or multiple products, public or private, large or small.

While final decision-making responsibility may rest with a few senior members or executives within the organization, various people across all functions are involved in the analysis and recommendation of opportunities and decisions for the executive team to decide.

Historically, decision-making has and continues to be part of a process that has enabled companies achieve a competitive advantage over competition in areas such as product quality, new product development, advertising, etc. However with increasing competition, many of these advantages are eroding.

However, we believethe decision-making process itself can be transformed to provide a company a key and sustainable competitive advantage over its competition by undertaking ‘Intelligent Analysis.’

‘Intelligent Analysis’ results from incorporating Corporate Decision Making Insights and Experience from Industry Expert with Technology to enable analysis and decision-making to be made faster, more accurately, greater accountability, with knowledge transfer passing through an organization.

To be ‘Intelligent,’ this must be provided through a cost effective solution providing immediate payback - increased valuation accuracy and reduced staff/resource time.

Ultimately, the result is the selection of most optimal revenue growth or cost optimization decision on either a single opportunity, or comparison between opportunities.

By selecting the most optimal opportunities, companies accelerate their growth and financial performance, and with it, relevance in the market place.

SSB Software Solutions has achieved this through Industry Experts it has assembled with several decades of Corporate Analysis and Decision-Making experience from organisations such as Kraft, General Electric, Toyota, Pfizer, GSK, in partnership with Technology Experts to automate the insights into Decision-Making our Experts identify as key functionalities.