Transforming Decision Making into a Competitive Advantage

SSB's Product Suite

‘SSB’ has developed a range of ‘Intelligent Solutions’ called ‘IntelliDM,’ or Intelligent Decision Making aimed to address the various key types of decision-making facing companies.

‘IntelliDM’s first offering is ‘ANI,’ or ‘Analytical Intelligence.’ANI provides companies a competitive advantage in assessing new opportunities through undertaking ‘Intelligent Analysis’ ensuring greater speed, accuracy, accountability in decision making, and a sustainable benefit through knowledge transfer, resulting in an immediate payback.

Soon, ‘SSB’ will expand its offering with the release of VI’ - Variance Intelligence’ andSPI’ - Scenario Planning Intelligence.’

VI - Variance Intelligence’ will provide companies a competitive advantage in decision-making on managing previous or historic decisions by providing analysis on the performance of strategic decisions made. In doing so, it seeks to assist management identify critical areas of over and under-performance by function (e.g., Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, etc.) to enable a more accountable assessment of functional and country/regional performance.

‘SPI’ - Scenario Planning Intelligence’ provides real-time analysis on alternative strategies relating to future performance of the existing business. For example, the impact of a reduction in Advertising on Volume targets, the reduction of working capital on cash flow targets. In doing so, it provides management better clarity of the financial impact of strategic decisions made today on future business performance in real-time.

All SSB’s solutions have been designed to address the people and process challenges facing companies in decision-making by ensuring the following:

Knowledge Transfer
Cost: Immediate Payback

Consequently, all products transform decision making into a competitive advantage, and through it,company financial performance and growthto maximize relevance in the market place.