Transforming Decision Making into a Competitive Advantage

Intelligent Solution

Intelligent Solutions results from the combination of Industry and Technology Expert insights.

These combined insights have been leveraged by SSB to created a suite of ‘Intelligent Solutions,’products, or the ‘IntelliDM,’ or ‘Intelligent Decision-Making’ range of products.

The ‘IntelliDM’ range of produts is aimed to transforming decision making into a competitive advantage across each key decision-making area including:

1) Analysis and decision-making of new opportunities (ANI-Analytical Intelligence’);
2) Analysis and decision-making of existing opportunities (VI’ - Variance Intelligence);
3) Analysis and management of the existing business (SPI’ - Scenario Planning Intelligence).

By creating a range of products targeting each key decision-making area, SSB seeks to maximize the decision-making competitive advantage for companies over its competition.

Existing Solutions
Decision-making solutions do exist in the market today. These exist primarily as ‘Off-The-Shelf’ products largely developed by Software Providers with little or no commercial operating experience. Therefore, the solutions proposed do not embed the extent of solution aimed at addressing the critical People and Process challenges faced by your organization as developed by SSB and its Industry Experts.

The alternative approach is for companies to develop their own internal models, systems and framework. However, doing so requires significant time, resource, and input by multiple parties across the organization, many lacking the experience our Experts possess in Commercial Analysis and Decision Making.

Consequently the resulting solution lacks the in-depth understanding of the critical issues, and specific solutions to address these issues.

Furthermore, SSB has undertaken the work to present to you an immediate and cost effective solution.