Transforming Decision Making into a Competitive Advantage

ANI Customisation

The ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ or ‘Off-The Shelf’ solutions provides limited ability for companies to develop the most suitable framework for their specific purpose, and with it, the ability to completely realized the decision-making competitive advantage available to them. With this in mind, SSB undertook significant steps to ensure the ‘intelligent’ features could be customized to fully meet company needs.

With this is mind, ‘ANI - Analytical Intelligencehas been built with the following customization features:

Built-In Customization (Pre-Built)

Depth of analysis to be undertaken for each variable
Financial statement layout, Reporting Requirements, & Return Metrics
Identifying which variables to show key inter-dependence and linkages

User Customization (Available Solutions)

Companies differ for many reasons (geographies, size, product range, etc) and often built their IT platform/environment with their setup in mind
ANI able to be delivered with company IT infrastructure in mind (Web-based, Desktop, Application, Excel, etc)

Tailored Solution

Leveraging SSB’s automation and intelligence approach, we provide solutions addressing additional requirements for maximum company efficiency, e.g., integration with existing company models/systems, 3rd party platforms, etc.
Delivered solution in stages or completed version
Installation supported by a team of experienced developers/programmers familiar with ANI